Commercial Mulching & Planting Services

TW Construction is a full service commercial landscape and grounds management company offering a wide variety of services including mowing, tree trimming, weed control, mulching & planting and much more. Since 2005, mid and large size businesses throughout Pennsylvania have trusted their lawn and grounds care needs in our hands. Our dedicated crew consists of 25-30 members, each with over 10 years of industry experience. From single location office buildings to multi-site companies and yearly maintenance plan agreements, our team of professional landscapers are qualified to handle any size job! Call 215-407-8529 to speak with one of our friendly representatives about how we can help with all of your lawn care needs.

Seasonal Mulch Installation

Not only is mulching an effective form of weed control, but it is also used to protect your landscape, conserve water, prevent soil erosion and add to your property’s aesthetic.  While we can lay new mulch any time during the warmer months, new mulch installation is best in early spring. At TW Construction, we offer a variety of materials to choose from depending on your preference and overall style of your landscaping. A few of our organic mulching materials include shredded bark, woodchips, hay, straw, stones and more. We’ll place a layer of new mulch over the soil around trees, shrubs and flower beds in order to increase existing nutrients, promote growth and keep the soil at an even temperature.

Flower Bed Planting

While we do not provide landscape design services, TW Construction can help with light commercial planting projects. If you have an existing bed, we can offer flower bed planting, as well as weed control services for continued maintenance. Our professional landscapers can also plant new shrubs, trees and greenery throughout your business property. The TW Construction landscapers will evaluate your landscape to determine the best places for the various plants and shrubs, depending on sun exposure, climate, etc. Once installed, we can determine the best lawn care maintenance plan to ensure proper upkeep all year long.

At TW Construction, we take our business very seriously. We’re fully capable of handling mid to large size client accounts, from a single location to an office complex and multi size properties. Our grounds care maintenance team will handle all of your landscaping needs. Furthermore, we can also provide snow removal services in the winter. Call 215-407-8529 to discuss your requirements & budget and we’ll put together a maintenance plan tailored just for your business needs. 


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