Commercial Grounds Snow Maintenance

TW Construction has a large fleet of plow trucks, salters, sidewalk machines and snow box pushers on call and ready when a winter storm hits our area. We have a crew of approximately 25 – 30 ready to maintain and control snow and ice accumulation. Our owners and fleet manager stay on top of the weather with constant updates from Weatherworks, Inc. Minute by minute updates ensures we can dispatch our crew to your location quickly and stay ahead of the storms. TW Construction snow maintenance plan members don’t have to worry about closing or delays due to harsh winter weather. We’ll get your parking lot, sidewalks, walkways and steps cleared quickly so you can stay open for business!

Snow Maintenance Plans

Winter time for business owners can be stressful, especially in Pennsylvania where storms move in fast and bring massive accumulations of unexpected snow and ice. Never stress a storm again when you have TW Construction on your side! Our commercial snow maintenance plans include:

Snow Plowing: Our industrial grade snow plow can handle any size parking lot. We’ll clear the lot and move snow piles to the furthest ends, ensuring we do not block parking spots, entrances or exits.

Snow Shoveling: Anywhere our plows can’t reach, we’ll shovel the snow away to clear the path on sidewalks and all walkways.

Ice Control & De-Icing: Maintaining safety at your business is our highest priority, which is why we offer an extensive de-icing service. We lay down high grade de-icing agents to quickly melt away all ice everywhere clients or employees may walk. Rock salt is applied to walkways, pathways, entrances, exits and all staircases.  

Snow Removal: In the event we see an unusually high amount of snowfall, we will completely remove large piles of snow from your commercial property.

Snow & Ice Management

Once a storm hits, our team is quickly deployed and will work around the clock to clear your property. Before the start of business the next day, we guarantee safe accessibility for employees and customers. TW Construction offers contracts and annual snow maintenance agreements for mid to large size companies. We work with each client to create a plan that works within your budget, while also meeting your snow removal needs. Call 215-407-8529 to discuss a snow removal maintenance plan, before you know it the snow will be falling! 


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